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Hi, I’m Janice and thank you for stopping by. I’m the co-founder & principal clinical psychologist of HEALing Werkz and I have always been very passionate about psychology and wellness. I also believe very strongly in helping people become the best versions of themselves. Whether you are an individual on your path to self-discovery or a professional on your journey to actualise your potential, we are here to guide and facilitate that process. So take your time to explore our suite of quality services, ranging from training, to coaching, to psychological care. And thank you, for giving us the opportunity to journey with you.

Dr. Janice Tan
Co-Founder, Principal Clinical Psychologist
Guiding You to Your Best Version
What HEALing Werkz Offers

Training and Workshops

Acquire knowledge and skills for your personal growth or as part of your continuing
professional education.

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Clinical Supervision and Coaching

Individual and group supervision, coaching, and consultation for psychologists, counsellors, social
workers, and mental health professionals.

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Therapy and Assessment

We build a therapeutic relationship and provide a nurturing, non-judgmental space for you
to feel safe to explore the challenges of your life.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Enhance the psychological well-being of your employees and raise their work confidence and productivity via our EAP.

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Wellness and Yoga Programs

Corporate wellness and yoga programs to help your employees build physical health and get respite from stress and tension.

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Talk to Us

Ask us how we can guide and facilitate
your personal or professional journey.

On supervision:

“In my journey as a graduate student so far, Janice is undoubtedly the individual that I have learnt the most from. As my clinical supervisor, she guided me through a myriad of both therapy and assessment cases with a variety of presenting issues. On top of that, Janice always led me to consider the intricacies of each case that I would not have previously thought of. As a result, she managed to open me up to a whole new way of approaching clients that has greatly informed my clinical practice up to today. Janice was also particularly encouraging, and I feel that she helped me build my confidence as a clinician by always giving careful consideration to my ideas. Through my time with her, I must say that she helped to ignite my love for working in this field. Thank you Janice!”

Ms Sonya BransonMPsych (Clinical) Student, 2019.
On training:

“A dedicated professional; an inspiring trainer; an excellent communicator. Janice is all these and more. It was a pleasure to have her in my ACTA Class because she is such a willing learner and yet there is so much to learn from her.”

Ms Lucy NgAdult Educator
On therapy:

“Janice is so empathic and supportive as a psychologist. It was very difficult for me to talk about some issues that can be quite personal and embarrassing but Janice always puts me at ease to easily share my problems and difficulties. She taught me a lot of skills which helped me to improve my life and my relationship with my family. I also learnt a lot more about myself and how and why I became the person I am. Janice is very encouraging and her guidance really helped me to work through my issues. My condition is definitely better now and I am truly grateful to Janice for all the help that she has given me.”

AnonymousTherapy client
On yoga:

“Janice is an amazing yoga teacher! So helpful, clear and attentive and really provided the knowledge, techniques and breakdown I was hoping for. I recommend Janice to all who want to realign and build a safer and more body aware practise.”

GwenYoga student
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